Oh! // H2O

Danish accessory brand Oh! by Kopenhagen Fur is this summer teaming up with the Danish brand H2o on a new, exclusive, and extremely limited edition collaboration: luxury sandals with  a cool, sophisticated, and modern look and fur details in mink, fox, and the unique swakara fur.

Enjoy this summer high-end sportswear on your feet!


Uzurii Luxury Footwear was founded in 2011 by Ms. Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos who's Brazilian from origin.  
During her childhood, when she lived with her mom in the Brazilian slum, she already decorated her basic slippers with things she found.

All the Uzurii slippers collections are handmade. Craftsmanship and quality have always been the core values in the production of each collection from the very first collection.

Every pair of Uzurii slippers is completed by a colourful gift box with a satin travel pouch.

It doesn't matter if you get or buy them, Uzurii's are always a gift.